Tax Services

When it comes to tax planning and preparation, all accounting firms are not created equal. You can depend on the experienced accountants at Heslep Tax Planning Tax Prep & Accounting for fresh ideas to reduce your taxes through proactive planning and skillful income tax preparation. With us in your corner, you'll take advantage of every avenue available to minimize your tax burden and maximize your income. We know every dollar counts so, whether you're a small business owner or individual, we provide a high level of service to ensure that you never overpay but are always in compliance with current tax laws and regulations.

Call us at 980-299-5362 now to discuss how we can formulate an effective tax strategy for you or your business. You can also request your free consultation online.

Tax Planning Services

The first step we do is tax planning. We're constantly designing new tax planning techniques to decrease tax liabilities for business and individual taxpayers in all tax brackets lowering your tax liability legally, putting money back into your pocket to increase your wealth.

Business Tax Preparation

Never miss a tax deduction again when we prepare your taxes. We'll analyze the tax code to make sure your business pays the lowest amount of tax possible.

Income Tax Preparation for Individuals

Take the stress out of tax preparation by letting us handle all your tax filings. You'll never pay more than you owe when we prepare your tax return.

IRS Tax Problem Resolution

Stop the harassing phone calls from the IRS now! Enlist our help to end wage garnishment, release a tax lien or levy, and resolve your tax problems once and for all.

International Tax Services

Our international tax services assist American Citizens working overseas or who live overseas with their required tax filing.